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Blaque Studio offers a full range of design, imaging and 3D services. We help agencies, architects, design firms and manufacturers envision their products and entice their audience.


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Blaque Studio is a Chicago based multimedia communication company offering high-quality visual design and marketing content solutions for brands, companies and products.

The diverse team at Blaque is comprised of CG Artists, Creative Directors, Developers, Marketers and Producers with the flexibility to scale up or down depending upon client needs and project scope.

Founded in 2011, our continued success is founded through our enduring passion, work-ethic and open and collaborative communication. This foundation is what we bring every day to every team, every client and every project. Be assured you will be working with talented specialists who will ensure a frictionless experience and will deliver incredible results.


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We create stunning visual products and brand experiences.


Visualization specialists in 3D Renderings and Photography including 3D Models, CAD, Photo Styling, Tiling and Retouching.

3D Animation of Helmet


Experts at creating art imitating life through Animation, VR and Visual FX. Rotoscoping, tracking and liquid and smoke effects included.


Let us provide an extra hand. We can assist your team in Imaging, Motion, Creative Direction and Marketing.


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We've worked with Blaque on several projects from small product renderings to sexy animations. They're very reliable and also great collaborators. They ask thoughtful questions and bring new ideas to the project. They always deliver what they said they would and are really nice about it. When we have a multi-media project, Blaque is the first studio we think of to help us bring our thoughts to life.

~ Yang Kim Creative Director